Tuesday, April 1, 2008

These Things Will Never Catch On!

Years ago, when I first subscribed to the internet, my husband always said that it was just a passing fad and that, regarding computers, "These things will never catch on!" Well to begin with, he forgets that I "caught" him when we worked at the same plant, by teaching him how to use email. Here we are, 18 years later, and not only have they caught on, but we (including Mr. pessimistic) have a difficult time getting by without them.

I have been fighting a battle, and losing, with a virus that has rudely infected my oh so well protected computer. It has eaten up a huge amount of time over the last week, as it really@#$$%^$ me off that I can't find and fix the problem myself! I just keep trying one more thing, that leads to one more thing.... Yesterday as I was trying to update this blog, it froze my computer yet again. Well, I finally had to call in the big guns, and the baby goes to the computer hospital later today. I hope she doesn't catch an anti-virus resistent infection while she is there!

So since I last wrote on Friday, I completed the Swarovski ring for my colleague. I actually made two, as I thought the first one was too wide, so I wanted to give her a choice. She ended up picking the narrower one. That would have been my pick. She was quite pleased and, although she originally ordered it to give to her daughter, she's thinking now that she'll keep it herself.

My chronic fatigue seems to have the best of me these days. I don't have enough energy to start many new jewelry projects lately. This disease is a tough one for we recovering type A's. Everything in me says: "work harder", "do more", " if you aren't doing more than you did yesterday then you're just selfish and lazy" and on and on. I'm getting much better at not getting sucked in by these messages, and I'm learning to listen to my body, but damn I wish I could turn off that relentless tape that keeps playing in my head.

Well, off to plan some April Fools pranks!

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