Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well I didn't get to work any further on my Priorities Pendants today, but I did consolidate my ideas and have a better idea of where I will go from here. I met my friend Alison for lunch and, while she liked the idea, she thought the name could be better. Priorities does sound an awful lot like work doesn't it? I'm now thinking Self Actualization Mandalas.

Alison and I always have great talks when we get together, and I learn a lot about art through the benefit of her knowledge and experience. We went to the college and toured the new gallery. Many of my former pottery teachers had work on display. It's just astounding to me how much talent people have. I purchased a bowl and plate from Darlene Keffer. Her work is so elegant and her sense of colour always intrigues me. I've wanted to have one of her pieces for some time now.

The rest of the day was spent doing computer and administrative stuff for my business. The rest of the week will be pretty busy so I probably won't get to do much art wise until Friday.

I did get my order in from beadaholique today. It's like Christmas in March.

Did I mention how much I love beads?

I Loooove Beads!

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