Sunday, March 23, 2008

Girl's Inc Auction

I accomplished a fair bit this weekend. My first priority was to create something special for the Girls Inc (Big Sisters) Silent Auction held in May at the Thousand Islands Mall in Brockville. I have been itching to use some of those beautiful Malachite/Amazonite stones I got at Bead Oasis in Toronto last weekend. Wire wrapping with sterling silver offsets the deep blue/green colours nicely.

Most of my pieces for the Clayamies spring flower swap are complete now. I'm pretty satisfied, but I'm not all that keen on how the second colour combination came out. I'm sure they'll be appreciated anyhow.

Last weekend on the train home from Toronto I started a peyote stitch necklace. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. The colours just scream Spring, which mirrors my soul who is also screaming for Spring! This was my first attempt at polymer clay toggles. I think it suits the necklace much better than the tibetan silver one I would have used otherwise.

I'm still slowly adding myself to free classifieds online. I got a bite on one I had placed for the Toronto area. They requested more info, which I sent, so I hope they follow through and come back to buy. I could really use a boost. I've been working pretty hard at getting my business off the ground and haven't had a lot of sales yet. I know that the groundwork I am laying is important, and that building a clientel takes time, but the impatient artist in me is ready for a little validation!

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