Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Got My Fix

Well I did manage to squeeze in a little creative time today after all. It was a pretty busy day, but in the end I really needed to get my fix so I made a necklace and earrings. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but when I do I'll post them. I'm taking the advice of some of my fellow Etsians and trying to use natural light whenever possible. That means waiting until tomorrow.

My youngest cat needed dental surgery today, and I needed to have some blood drawn, so the three cats and I were all fasting last night. I thought the two big cats were going to eat the skinny old fellow! They were not impressed. Turns out my fasting was unproductive, as after seven tries to get some blood out of me we finally gave up to try again next week.

I then headed off to a Tax seminar for small business. Our small business enterprise center really puts on some good ones. I went to a marketing and networking one about a month ago and it was fabulous. Today's topic of course was not as interesting, but the presenter was quite funny and basically let us all ask any and all tax related questions we had. I learned a fair bit, and I had already been to one at Revunue Canada.

Saturday I am off to the Bead Oasis show in Toronto. I can't wait. Being surrounded by and having the opportunity to handle such an enormous quantity and variety of beads is my idea of heaven! My cat's dental surgery and urinary tract blockages this month used my bead budget, so I'll have to restrain myself. I'm sure I won't be able to get out of there without buying a few things anyhow.

Well, off to figure out how to use my new web page design software.

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