Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is There Anybody Out There ?

Yesterday it was Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Back To Work I Go. The kids in my class were still pretty wound up from their March break. I'm sure they'll be more settled today. We are doing experiments today and tomorrow, so I know they'll enjoy seeing all the pretty colours formed in the chemical reactions.

I've volunteered to take over maintenance of our Clayamies website, so in the last week I have been figuring out FTP and trying to work with some free web design software. I went to see the computer teacher yesterday and he set me up with Dreamweaver so that I can learn how to use it and eventually set up a website for my class. Dreamweaver is MUCH better than the free one. Any problems from here on in my students will be happy to help me with. I like having them teach me from their areas of expertise. I find it helps to make them more receptive to learning from my expertise.

The computer teacher also showed my how to add my url to google so that I can increase the chances of jewelry shoppers finding this needle in a haystack. While I was at it I signed up for Google Adwords, so I'm optimistic about increasing the traffic both here and in my etsy store.

I participated in my first online chat with my Clayamies group last night. That was fun. It's great to be able to meet like minded people from all over the country. There are some extremely talented artists in the group. Check out:

Last night I worked a little on the flowers for our current Clayamies swap. I should have more time later today. I know I've mentioned that I LOOOOOVE beads, but did I also mention that I LOOOOOVE clay?


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Violette Laporte said...

Hi Moyra
I was just looking at the blogs link and saw you had one!! Congrats!! And I will be back