Friday, March 21, 2008

Just Clayin Around

Well it appears that I've become a little lax in keeping up with my blog, so here's a little update. Last night I spent the night in the Sleep Lab. It's really a misnomer, as with all those wires hooked up to you, flow sensor up your nose, and straps around your chest and belly, you don't get a heck of a lot of sleep! I hope they got enough data to explain why I've suddenly become an ultimate fighter in my sleep and that they can tell me a way to fix it.

I've been working mostly on the items for the clayamies spring flower swap. I think I've got the kinks worked out of the design now. Another batch is in the oven as I write this.

This promo thing is really eating up a huge amount of time. I've been trying to get myself on any search engines and free advertisements that I can. There are endless opportunities, but it sure takes a lot of time. I think I'll treat myself to a break from that this long weekend and do some serious jewelry making instead!

I've promised a jewelry set for the Girls Inc. silent auction, and I really want to make them something special. Maybe I'll get inspired this weekend!

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