Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heaven on Earth

Yesterday was a big day! I went to Toronto and back, spending over six hours on the train, to attend the Bead Oasis show. It was worth every second of travel time. There were not any really great deals to be had, but with my wholesale discount I faired not too badly. I bought quite a bit from one vendor in particular. out of Markham Ontario had some really nice cuts on some of their stones. One particularly beautiful combination he had was amazonite and malachite. Here are some pics of my purchases.
Blue Goldstone Twists

Carnelian Faceted Rondelles

Yellow and Green Turquoise Teardrops (dyed howlite)

Amazonite/Malachite Graduated Rondelles and Ovals

The colours and textures at the show got me so fired up, I had to buy some brightly coloured seed beeds, needles and fireline to bead on the way home on the train. Imagine these 42 year old eyes trying to thread the needle, several times, as the train bumped and rolled along! It made the time pass much faster than usual, but needless to say, that project is still a work in progress.

Finally, here is a pic of the bracelet I made on Friday night. I just felt the need to make something Springy, so my limey coloured polymer clay beads coupled with gold filled wire did the trick.
LI'mA Fashionista

Ciau for now!

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